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Investing is one of those things that can change your life forever. In this day and age where people are living to be longer and longer, we have to make our money last longer as well. This website is dedicated to helping you make smarter investing decisions and it will also include some different references to investing institutions in the Orange County, California area.

By the year 2030, according to Google’s Chief Creative Operator ( think Thomas Edison of our time ), we will have ways to go in an genetically heal people’s illnesses. That’s right, even life threatening things such as cancer, HIV, and just about any other disease you can imagine. Imagine how long the average life span will be once these types of genetic modifications are readily available to the public! The Chief over at Google estimates the average life for us to be around 120 years. Can you imagine living until you’re 120? Or even longer? The importance of investing your money wisely now could give you a much higher quality of life for a lot longer than you could imagine. I know that when I’m turning 100 I want to have already been retired for 40 years with my investments covering my expenses and want that to continue until I’m 120! This website will give you all the information you need to invest for the longer term.

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